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As we are observing  mother nature at work  I will explain some of the dynamics that have built Cajun country for the past 15,000 years. How the bayous and Mississippi River worked together to build up acadiana and how this relates to the different climax vegetative groups we encounter.  I will also explain  how  everything in the swamp is influenced by the seasonal water fluctuations,  what causes pecky cypress, why some cypress is more durable than others, why there are no mosquitos in Lake Martin Swamp,  why and which herons are named whistling chickens and summer ducks by the local inhabitants and other aspects common to south Louisiana Cajun culture and swamps.


Along the way we will encounter a variety of wildlife in natural surroundings going about their daily lives.  Alligators sunning themselves in the spring , fall and winter or alligators swimming about during the summer with just their eyes and nose visible. April and May is the mating season for alligators and bulls are heard and seen calling during this time of year. From July to mid September female alligators are building nest, laying eggs, and standing guard over nest and young. Herons, egrets, anhingas, cormorants, roseate spoonbills will be encountered as they hunt the shallows for food. We may see turtles, spiders, song birds, woodpeckers, owls, kites, raccoons, osprey, and other swamp animals as we meander through the moss draped cypress swamps of south Louisiana. We may find a Great  Blue Heron catching a fish, or a Black-crowned Night Heron with a bullfrog or snake in it’s mouth and you will wonder how on earth can that small heron swallow a large bullfrog or two foot snake. We may see small young gators in shallow  water areas away from the grown up gators who will eat them if given the chance. These little gators are eating anything they can get, frogs, dragonflies, snakes, turtles, to name a few of their menu items.
Please keep in mind that Cypress Island/Lake Martin Swamp is a primitive area and not a theme park. Each day is unique, controlled only by the weather, the seasons, and of course MOTHER NATURE. For some of what you may see on any given tour please check out the Photo Gallery . All pictures where taken on actual tours.

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